What Do Guys Wear to Hot Yoga?

The sea of yoga apparel is tailored heavily toward women, offering various colors and styles of pants, shorts, tees, sports bras, and more. But for men, the pool isn’t quite as deep, appearing more like a small puddle with a select few options.

Quick Answer:

Men typically wear breathable, sweat-wicking, and flexible clothing to hot yoga. Common choices are moisture-wicking shorts or athletic pants and a lightweight tank top or t-shirt. Heavy, restrictive, or non-breathable materials should be avoided. Remember to bring a towel and water bottle for comfort and hydration.

Of course, the skewed representation stems from the ratio of women to men in a typical yoga class. Generally, most classes are teeming with women, only featuring a few men, if any.

That said, men that attend yoga classes still need something to wear. So, what do guys wear to hot yoga (or other yoga classes)?

Let’s find out.

Can Men Go to Hot Yoga?

Although yoga sessions aren’t overly popular for men in the Western world, most classes are open to all. Anyone with a desire to attend the class and better their mobility, flexibility, and strength through a different approach is welcome to attend.

In recent years, hot yoga and other types of yoga have become more common amongst men, including athletes and regular gym goers. Many use the sessions as a form of active recovery, allowing their bodies to rest from the intensity of their regular training while still enjoying the benefits of routine exercise.

So, to answer the question: absolutely, men can go to hot yoga.

What Should Men Wear to a Yoga Session?

Like women, men should wear whatever they’re most comfortable with to their hot yoga session. For some men, that might be a pair of running shorts and no top, but for others, that might be a pair of joggers and a tee.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the most comfortable fit for your yoga session:

What to Look For

When considering apparel for your next (or first) yoga session, it’s important to think about your range of motion and the stretchiness of your clothing.

In yoga, you’ll need plenty of give from your clothes to ensure you can achieve various poses and sequences. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to obtain certain moves and may experience discomfort as the fabric pulls and strains throughout each activity.

You’ll want something soft, stretchy, and breathable for your hot yoga session. Generally, clothing should be loose enough to provide give but not so loose that it will get in the way as you move.

Additionally, look for breathable, sweat-wicking material. Hot yoga classes aren’t known for their leisurely pace or cool, comforting nature, so you need to be prepared for the sweat and exertion that comes with them. Part of this is dressing appropriately in comfortable clothing.

For the most part, synthetic tops are more comfortable for sweaty hot yoga sessions, as they move moisture away from your body, which can help you stay cooler.

On top of that, they dry faster than cotton, which takes a while to dry and is great at trapping heat near your body. Synthetic materials are also lighter than cotton, making them a great choice for lightweight workout apparel.


You have all sorts of options for cladding the upper half of your body in a hot yoga session. You can even go without a shirt, which can be a superior option in the sweltering heat of a hot yoga studio. It’s up to you!

We recommend choosing a lightweight top made from synthetic materials or other breathable fabrics, as clothes in a hot yoga session should be light, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Choose from T-shirts, tank tops, stringers, and other shirt options.

The best options are looser-fitting tops that aren’t overly baggy but will still give you room to move and stretch without exposing your torso. Of course, you can always skip the shirt if you’re more comfortable without one.


Shorts are usually the best option for hot yoga classes, as they help keep your body cool and offer plenty of room to move around. You have a couple of shorts options for yoga, including shorts specifically designed for yoga. For example, Lululemon offers yoga bottoms intended for men.

However, you don’t necessarily need to splurge on an expensive pair of shorts designed for yoga. Instead, most quality pairs of active shorts will do. If you have a comfortable pair of running or basketball shorts, those will work.

If the shorts are loose, throwing on a pair of compression shorts or fitted briefs doesn’t hurt to avoid flashing anyone as you move through the session.

If you prefer pants, you have a handful of options. Like any clothing you wear for yoga, you’ll want something that will move with you without restricting your movement. Sweatpants are a good option, but they can be overly hot, especially for a hot yoga session.

Tight-fitting yoga pants or tights are another option and can be a good choice for men during yoga.

The fabric of these pants is stretchy and offers plenty of room to move, ensuring you won’t experience discomfort due to your clothing. If you’re uncomfortable wearing only tights, throw on a pair of shorts over the top of the pants.

Looser-fitting yoga pants are another option. They offer plenty of room to move and ample comfort without feeling like a second skin, which some men might find more comfortable. They’re similar to joggers or track pants but are designed for yoga.

Choose the option that best fits your preferences. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to purchase new clothing if you don’t want to, as you might already have the perfect option in your closet.

Gym Clothes

Your gym clothes can be perfectly suitable for a yoga session. However, it will depend on what you wear to the gym. If you wear jeans, cargo pants, or another restrictive material to move iron at the gym, your gym clothes might not be the best option.

In yoga, you’ll contort your body into various poses and through numerous flows and sequences, many of which require an ample range of motion from your clothes. Because of this, restrictive materials aren’t the best option.

They can prevent you from achieving certain poses by restricting your range of motion. On top of that, they can create an uncomfortable pull or pressure against your body as the fabric attempts to give you room to move.

Of course, if your gym clothes consist of sweatpants, stretchy shorts, tees, and other clothes made of fabrics with more give, they’ll be perfectly fine for the gym.

Do Men Wear Shirts in Hot Yoga?

Man Doing Yoga

Some men choose to go shirtless when participating in hot yoga, while others prefer to keep a shirt on. Whether to wear a shirt or not, you can answer the dilemma with your personal preferences.

If you’re comfortable going shirtless and the yoga studio doesn’t have restrictions on going shirtless, then feel free to go sans shirt. Conversely, if you prefer the comfort of a soft tee while practicing or your studio requires participants to keep a shirt on, go that route.

This isn’t atypical of yogis participating in hot yoga. After all, many women wear sports bras and avoid clingy shirts to remain cool and comfortable throughout the practice.

If you decide to go shirtless, we recommend keeping a towel on hand to wipe the sweat (these classes are unbelievably sweaty!).

Do Men Wear Shoes to Hot Yoga?

Many folks, men and women alike, complete their hot yoga sessions barefoot. While it might seem unseemly initially, it’s the more comfortable option for many people.

If you think about it, your socks and shoes trap sweat from your feet as you move, which can be uncomfortable. Considering how sweaty hot yoga classes are, your feet may quickly become excessively sweaty. By practicing barefoot, your feet can breathe, avoiding the pileup of sweat in your socks and shoes.

Of course, you can always practice in your shoes if you’re more comfortable that way.

However, you could also opt for a pair of yoga socks, which will provide a layer of coverage while also offering support. These socks are designed with gripping soles to prevent slipping and sliding on your yoga mat.

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