Are Yoga Blocks Worth It?

Although yoga might seem pretty simple when it comes to equipment (just a mat, right?), there are all sorts of props and accessories you might use in your yoga class….

Can Yoga Help Get You In Shape?

From the outside, looking in, yoga shapes itself as a relaxing approach to health and exercise, focusing on deep stretches, centered balance, and gentle poses. However, anyone who has participated…

Can You Do Yoga And Weight Training?

Many individuals devoted to exercise prefer a particular type of training, whether it’s yoga, weights, cardio, or something else. However, while it’s nice to stick with a routine and follow…

Can You Learn Yoga At Home?

Perhaps you live in a rural area where yoga studios are in short supply. Or, maybe the prospect of venturing into a yoga class packed with other people sounds overwhelming….

Can Hot Yoga Make You Feel Sick?

While we often hear about yoga’s lengthy list of benefits, we rarely encounter the less-than-savory side effects. Generally, the potentially adverse side effects are uncommon, remaining as a shadow behind…

Is It OK To Do Yoga Twice A Day?

The benefits of yoga are undeniable. From improved stress to better sleep and increased flexibility, the effects of yoga can be the perfect way to transform your life. So, given…

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